Catégories/Eléments reconnus

PUNCTUATION , ( ) " ; : -
DETERMINER the a an both
DEMONSTRATIVE this that these those
QUANTIFIER much little many few some no any all each every
PRONOUN I you he she it we they me him her us them
POSSESSIVE my your his its our their mine yours hers ours theirs myself yourself himself herself itself ourselves yourselves themselves
INDEFINITE someone something anyone anything noone nothing none
WH-WORD who what which where when why whose whom whoever whatever whenever wherever how
PREPOSITION of for about from to with without within on in at by onto into through across like unlike between over
POSTPOSITION out up down along back off away
BE am are is was were be been 're 'm are'nt ...
HAVE have has had 've haven't ...
DO do does did don't ...
MODAL can could must may might shall should will would 'll 'd cannot can't needn't won't can't ...
NEGATION not hardly scarcely n't
ADVERB never often sometimes soon seldom always already
SUBORDINATOR if unless whether until while once because although though
LINKWORD and or but so however still nevertheless yet then therefore thus
MISCELLANEOUS as before after than again ago enough too either neither nor more most also even sooner since such
UNITS $ £ °
NUMERIC 0123456789 (suite de chiffres)
COMMONVERB agree answer ask became become began begin begun bring brought call came catch caught come disagree dislike enjoy expect explain feel felt find forget forgot forgotten found gave get give given go gone got gotten grew grow grown hate hear heard help keep kept knew know known let like listen look love made make mean meant need play put said saw say see seem seen set speak spoke spoken start stop take taken talk tell think thought told took understand understood wait want watch went wish work write written wrote ( + formes en -ing, ed si régulier, -s ou -es )
LEXICAL ITEM ( le reste )